Stem cell therapy plan for Guy

AN OBAN performer is playing a gig one month from now to gather pledges for foundational microorganism treatment to treat his various sclerosis.

Fellow Forteith, 23, was determined to have MS when he was matured 16, and is wanting to raise £20,000 towards the new treatment, which he trusts will change his life.

‘I have issues with my vision, my adjust and my strolling,’ he said. ‘I have had all my high school years destroyed and this previous year I have felt myself gradually yet without a doubt deteriorating and more awful. Regardless of the amount I do to remain focused of it, the MS is continually going to drag me down a little bit at a time.’

Undifferentiated organisms can transform into a cell in the human body, thus can possibly help a wide range of conditions, including the neurodegenerative illness MS. Numerous exploration ventures are under approach to attempt to see how these cells could be connected to the treatment of MS.

Fellow said: ‘I have taken a gander at a great deal of studies and conversed with individuals about foundational microorganism treatment, yet have as of late found a place and have had the opportunity to talk with the general population who had the treatment finished with some amazing and groundbreaking changes.’

Fellow, a vocalist lyricist and sound architect, arrangements to have numerous occasions raising money for his treatment, to be reported on his Facebook page, yet the principal gig, titled ‘A Night of Music, Stem Cells for MS’, is set for October 22 at Cuan Mor, Oban.

Fellow will play out his blues and shake, joined by Oban craftsmen Nicky MacInnes, Shannon Taylor and Moonshine Maggie, and musician Ralf Roeder from Germany. Tickets cost £7 at the entryway. Fellow included: ‘If individuals can’t make it to the show, they can give to my Just Giving page, fellow forteith-stemcells.

‘It would be ideal if you give as much as you can in light of the fact that I know it will outrageously change my life and I can hardly wait for that day.’

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